About Me

I have more than 20 years’ experience as a writer and editor.

My parenting stories provide lots of practical information and reassurance from other parents and experts. But hopefully they do more than that. Whether writing about kids cross-dressing, getting depressed, having learning issues or frustrating their mothers, I am the voice of the parent who does her best, isn’t perfect, but finds humour and humanity in parents’ efforts and experiences.

My mental health writing and editing has been informed by my social work training, and my internships in child and adolescent, and inpatient psychiatry. (I have a Masters in Social Work from McGill University and a post-graduate degree from the journalism program at Ryerson University.) While I often interview people about their personal experiences with mental health problems, I also speak and write openly about my own struggles with anxiety and depression as a way to reduce stigma around these issues. My belief is that people work with their difficulties, and that their ability to cope with adversity is as much a part of their life story as is their suffering.

I focus my travel stories on family trips, health and wellness, soft adventure, weekend getaways, and food and wine. I travel to new places with the same excitement and jitters one gets anticipating a first date. And I leave a place I have loved with wistful feelings and an ache to return. Having been born on the Prairies, lived in B.C. and grown up in Montreal, I have experienced all sides of Canada. I am now settled near the middle – in Toronto.

Published Work: Parenting | Mental Health | Travel