Weekend Getaways

It’s Time to Plunge Into Horseshoe Valley

I don’t always like the feeling of running hot and cold — at least when it’s about a relationship. But when it comes to temperature changes, Horseshoe Valley makes these fluctuations feel pretty darn therapeutic — even decadent. I am referring to my experience at the new Vettä Nordic Spa, located about 1.5 hours from Toronto, which I recently combined with cross-country skiing and an overnight stay at the nearby Horseshoe Resort.

COVID travel: What to know about your next hotel stay

Many of us are itching for the calm environment of a hotel room and a different environment, even if that is just an hour or two’s drive away. But is it safe? That really depends — on your own tolerance for risk, your willingness to take some safety precautions yourself while you are aware, and how much you can trust the hotel you are booking at.