I focus my travel stories on health and wellness, with a particular focus on fitness for women 55 plus. Although historically I have written stories on everything from weekend getaways, to food and wine to intergenerational family travel, a wellness focus seems to blend well with our times. Today, we live in the era of COVID, so travel writing isn’t really about crossing distances. But fundamental to travel writing is the exploration of place, and for now that place is home.

So while I won’t be travelling internationally for a while, I continue to focus on staying fit, eating well, and cycling and hiking in Ontario. And because I am 55 years old, I will write about what I know, targetting other active women, who like me, continue to challenge ourselves with daily online fitness classes in our living rooms and cycling and walking and hiking in nature.

My stories have appeared in many major North American publications, including the Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star,, Canadian Cycling Magazine, City Parent, Daily Hive, Empty Nest,, Forever Young, Travel Life Magazine and West Jet Magazine.

How a Carefully Planned Family Trip Helped My Mom Connect With Fond Memories After Her Dementia Diagnosis

DIANA BALLON | AUGUST 22ND, 2022 Published in the June/July 2022 issue of Zoomer Magazine I was a little worried when we arrived at the Algonquin Resort in Saint Andrews, N.B. last September, and my mum, Heather, didn’t seem to remember anything about the hotel where she worked 69 years ago. “It’s like a foreign country,” she said Continue Reading

It’s Time to Plunge Into Horseshoe Valley

I don’t always like the feeling of running hot and cold — at least when it’s about a relationship. But when it comes to temperature changes, Horseshoe Valley makes these fluctuations feel pretty darn therapeutic — even decadent. I am referring to my experience at the new Vettä Nordic Spa, located about 1.5 hours from Toronto, which I recently combined with cross-country skiing and an overnight stay at the nearby Horseshoe Resort.

Great Canadian RV Trips

Coast to coast, there’s much to experience and explore across Canada. And there’s no better way to discover this vast and beautiful country of ours than hopping in an RV and driving through our postcard-worthy provincial parks, UNESCO World Heritage sites and visiting national monuments. We highlight six routes that allow you to choose your own adventure, whether it’s driving across the country or visiting a regional gem.