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My health and lifestyle articles address mental and physical health issues, and the relationships that affect our well-being. My feature-length articles have appeared in a range of Canadian publications, including Best Health Magazine, Canadian Living,, The READ, Today’s Parent, The Toronto Star and

“A Perfect Storm” on University Campuses

Relationship breakups, exam stressors, homesickness, and fights with roommates are no longer the main difficulties affecting university students. Instead, mental health experts describe post-secondary students’ struggles as vast — everything from depression to anxiety, stress, eating disorders, substance use, trauma, abuse, and occasionally a first episode of psychosis. Living through the pandemic has only made these problems that much more visible and obstructive.

Nature has its benefits

Who doesn’t know intuitively that nature is good for us – that we likely feel calmer and less stressed when we are in a forest or a park or walking by the water? While we know that nature enhances our cognitive, emotional and spiritual well-being, new research also indicates its physical benefits too.