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My mental health writing and editing has been informed by my social work training, and my internships in child and adolescent, and inpatient psychiatry. I am the former editor of CrossCurrents: The Journal of Addiction and Mental Health, published by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), and am now a book editor in CAMH’s publishing division, a position I held initially full-time and now half time since 2001.

My current job involves copy-editing, proofreading and doing substantive editing for books, pamphlets and manuals produced by CAMH for the public and health care professionals. Most recently, I was the substantive editor on two CAMH books – Becoming Trauma Informed (2012) and Fundamentals of Addictions (2013). I have also written two publications published by CAMH: Challenges and Choices: Finding Mental Health Services in Ontario (2003) and Substance Use, Gambling and Concurrent Disorders: A Guide for Helping Professionals in Ontario (2008).

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Throughout my time at CAMH, I have also written a variety of freelance mental health stories. My pieces on depression have covered just about every possible angle – from postpartum depression in mothers, to use of antidepressants in pregnancy and while breastfeeding, to genetic testing to improve antidepressant prescribing, to gender differences in treatment of depression and adolescent depression.  I have also written book reviews and features on topics related to schizophrenia, autism, pervasive developmental disorders, addictions, OCD and other forms of anxiety.

While I often interview people about their personal experiences with mental health problems, I also speak and write openly about my own struggles with anxiety and depression as a way to reduce stigma around these issues. My belief is that people work with their difficulties, and that their ability to cope with adversity is as much a part of their life story as is their suffering.

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